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The Wimsey Papers are a series of articles by Dorothy L. Sayers published between November 1939 and January 1940 in The Spectator. They had the form of letters exchanged by members of the Wimsey Family and other characters familiar to readers from the Lord Peter Wimsey detective novels, but were in fact intended to convey Sayers' opinions and commentaries on various aspects of public life in ... LibriVox

The modern classical education movement has largely been inspired and influenced by the 20th century essayist and educator Dorothy Sayers and her essay "The Lost Tools of Learning." In the 20th century, math education in the West shifted its emphasis from geometry to algebra. Dorothy Sayers - Catholic Education Resource Center In an age of skepticism, cynicism, and false "freedoms," Dorothy Sayers (1893-1957) was a passionate and occasionally scathing voice of reason. Perhaps best known today as the author of the best-selling detective novels featuring Lord Peter Wimsey, Sayers was also a playwright, translator of Dante, poet, theologian, and apologist. Dorothy L. Sayers Biography

Dear Ms. Linsley: Thank you very much, both for the link to your blog, of which I was unaware, and for the essay by Dorothy Sayers. I must read that one or twomore times before I comment in depth on that and on your appreciation of it but I can say now that what she said decades ago about the way advertising techniques and the "news" media tend to substitute for considered thought is just more ...

Lord Peter Views the Body book. Read 303 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In this delightful collection of Wimsey exploits, Doroth... Read About It | Association of Classical Christian Schools… What is Classical Christian Education? Here are some The Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) briefs that will help you learn more. Strong Meat, by Dorothy L. Sayers


THE LOST TOOLS OF LEARNING THE LOST TOOLS OF LEARNING Paper read at a Vacation Course in Education Oxford, 1947 by DOROTHY L. SAYERS E.T. HERON Publisher First published in 1948 The bulk of this speech appeared as an article in the Hibbert Journal: A Quarterly Review of Religion, Theology, and Philosophy Volume XLVI October 1947–July 1948

The Gospel in Dorothy L. Sayers Selections from Her Novels, Plays, Letters, and Essays Dorothy L. Sayers With an appreciation by C. S. Lewis 4.38 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews. In this anthology, renowned murder mystery writer Dorothy L. Sayers tackles faith, doubt, human nature, and the most dramatic story ever told.

from mystery to manners - BORA UiB Dorothy Sayers, in her essay "Aristotle on Detective Fiction," argues that Aristotle's writings on tragedy in Poetics may be a guide to modern detective fiction and "quotes" him as saying: "The first essential, the life and Why Americans Are Such Suckers for Propaganda | Intellectual ... This attack is particularly interesting in light of an essay which was written in 1947 by Dorothy Sayers, a scholarly peer of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. The essay, entitled The Lost Tools of Learning , suggests that those who excoriate the education of the Middle Ages - such as the reference above - have no clue how effective the ... Dorothy Sayers, Christian Doctrine, and the Offence of the ...

Dorothy Sayers seemed to me at times, a bit verbose and her prose were not always easy going, but still it was worthwhile reading her essays. I seen her quoted many of times by the likes of Philip Yancey and I knew she was a contemporary of C.S Lewis, so I wanted to read something by her.

Are Women Human? Astute and Witty Essays on the Role of Women ...

Dorothy L. Sayers | Off the Shelf Posts about Dorothy L. Sayers written by wadecenterblog Dorothy L. Sayers | Open Library Cover of: The Letters of Dorothy L.Sayers: 1937-1943, From Novelist to Playwright (Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers, 1937-1943)