Can a check be written on anything

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Any Issues with writing a $14,000 personal check to myself to transfer funds ..... Edit: Called today and they said they can't do anything until the funds are ...

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The Guinness Book of Records (well at least my old copy) claims that the strangest cheque was one written on a live cow. As long as you have the bank details, account details, your signature, and the amount to be transferred, you can legally use anything as a cheque, providing that object is in itself legal.

when you write a cheque does it actually have to be on a ... When you write a cheque does it actually have to be on a cheque? some one in the office recons that you can write a cheque on anything you like, but cheques are more convient. I am not so sure about this! How to Sign a Check Over to Somebody Else | Issues When a check is payable to you, you’re the only person who can do anything with it. If you don’t want to cash a check yourself or depositing the check is not an option, you might be able to sign the check over to somebody else. That person would then deposit into their account or get cash.

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